Unwind with deliciously comforting treats

Calming treats so satisfying they’ll transport your dog

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More Dog means keeping things interesting in the treat department. Check out the latest and greatest ways to get their tail wagging

Fetch New Treats

There's a tasty Milk-Bone® treat for every doglife occasion.

pug eating Milk-Bone Original Biscuit dog treat

Find your “just because” dog treat

Tasty dog treats = more joyful tail wags.

birthday dog treats from milk-bone
Birthday Dog Treats

Whether it's a birthday or gotcha day, our dog has a lot to celebrate!

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Milk-Bone® Original Biscuits for medium dogs with an image of a smiling black, tan, and white dog on the red and orange box

Our classic biscuits come in many sizes and flavors, and all of them make dogs jump for joy.

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Milk-Bone® Soft & Chewy dog treats with an image of a golden doodle dog licking its lips and two golden brown chicken flavor treats in the shape of bones on the red and white bag
Soft Treats

Our treats aren’t just crunchy—we’ve also got plenty of chewy delights that are as fun as they are tasty.

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Milk-Bone pill pouches
Pill Pouches

Wrap your dog’s wellness in deliciousness! These pockets make giving pills easy & tasty.

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Dental Chews

Tastes like a treat, cleans like a toothbrush! These dental chews will help keep your dog’s mouth clean and fresh, because life’s more fun with a happy pup.

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husky chewing on a Milk-Bone Wonder Bone Triple Layer chew

Dog treats to keep your pup engaged

Keep them smart and sharp.

Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks Mini's
Dog Training Treats

Keep your dog motivated to train with some bite-sized rewards. These treats are a great way to keep your dog fit and energetic.

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Milk-Bone® Comfort Chews Made With Real USA Raised Beef
Long Lasting Chews

If you want a dog that’s both engaged and satisfied, long lasting chews give your dog a delicious chewing challenge.

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New & Innovative Treats

It’s not enough to just be tasty—you’ve gotta mix it up, too! To keep doglife fun and exciting, we're bringing you snacks that come in many different shapes and flavors.

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service dog
service dog
Canine Assistants Milk-Bone partnership logo

Every Milk-Bone® helps train Canine Assistants

Every time you give your dog a Milk-Bone® snack, you’re sharing more than just a tasty dog treat—you’re also sharing a little love. Learn how we’re helping raise, place and care for dogs who touch millions of lives.

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The adorable faces of doglife

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German Shepherd smiling waiting for a dog treat with a Milk-Bone biscuit on top
golden retriever with Milk-Bone GnawBones balanced on its nose
dog balancing milk-bone on nose
lab mix holding a Milk-Bone Wonder Bones treat in its mouth
chocolate lab balancing milk-bone on nose
small chihuahua mix with Milk-Bone Brushing Chews balanced on its head
small dog with birthday cupcake

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