Make their birthday bone appétit good with
Milk-Bone® treats.

Birthday cupcakes for dogs? Piece of Cake!

Achieve that DIY yum with this easy and fun dog cupcake recipe.

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Treats to make their big day extra tasty

Awesome gifts and goodies for every birthday grrl and boi.

birthday dog treats from milk-bone Biscuits

Flavor Snacks® Birthday Dog Treats

Make your dog’s big day more fun with the most mouthwatering of birthday snacks.

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Milk-Bone® Birthday Cake Artificially Flavored Biscuits

Show your dog how much you love them on their special day.

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Birth Certificate Generator

Celebrate the day your dog was brought into this world or just into your life. Get our Dog Birthday certificate and make their big day doggofficial.

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Off the leash birthday party ideas

How to throw a well-deserved birthday bash for your furbaby.

Decide on a theme

It’s easy to coordinate all the moving parts around a theme, here are some favorites:

Canine Corral

Bring out their Wild Wild West best with this adorable Western-style party theme. Before the party, take pictures of your dog dressed up as a cowboy or cowgirl outlaw so you can make a “Most Wanted” poster. (Pro Tip: Stain your paper with tea to make your poster look even more authentic.) Swap out traditional party hats with cowboy hats, and give each dog their own bandana as a party favor. To take your party to the next level, set up a chuck wagon to display your tasty treat spread of Milk-Bone® biscuits.

Beach Blanket Besties

A tropical beach theme in the backyard is a no-brainer for summer furbabies. Fill up a wading pool and blow up some beach balls before your guests arrive. Tell the pet parents to show up in their favorite Hawaiian shirt. Instead of regular bowls and tongs, use colorful beach pails and shovels to serve your Milk-Bone® treats. And consider hanging up a blue tablecloth on the wall to create an ocean-like backdrop for a photo booth. (Pro Tip: Print off free photo booth props online and glue them to popsicle sticks to save on party décor.)

Prince and Princess

Give your doggo and their besties the royal treatment. Create your own scroll party invites with dowel sticks, beads and gold paint from your local craft store. (Pro Tip: Watch online video tutorials on how to make scroll invites before buying your materials.) Ask the pet parents to dress their dog up as their favorite prince and princess and give a prize to the dog with the best costume. For a regal looking snack table of Milk-Bone® biscuits, get a table skirt that’s purple, royal blue or pink tulle.

Plan fun party games

Get your team together and let the games begin...

Fetch with friends

For the retrievers and competitors in your group who can’t get enough of this classic game.

Ultimate frisbee

Dogs love frisbee, and pet parents love pictures of dogs playing frisbee!

Scavenger Hunt

Bury beef bones or dog treats around the yard and enjoy the search!

Bake a canine cake and dog treats

Give them a treat worth celebrating.  

PUPSICLES. Fill a popsicle tray with low-sodium chicken broth, freeze and serve.

CUPCAKES. Fill a muffin tin with dog-approved cake batter and bake. No icing required!

Make goody bags and DIY decor

Send every furbaby home with a new treat, toy or a coupon toward the dog groomer. We’ve got décor tips and tricks for throwing the ultimate birthday soiree for your dog, plus charming party favors for every furry attendee. 

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Doggo Birthday Horoscope

Sagittarius Dog Horoscope (November 22 – December 21)

Most Desirable Sagittarius Dog Traits: 

Loyal, Friendly, Protective, Adventurous, and Optimistic

Least Desirable Sagittarius Dog Traits: 

Need lots of exercise, Not indoor types, Wanderers, Temperamental, and Overly spontaneous

Of all the signs, the Sagittarius dog zodiac is the most engaging—there’s never a dull moment with this star sign ruled by Jupiter. They are sociable and good-humored. They are rarely shy, make friends easily with both humans and animals, and always seem to be in a good mood. If they could tell jokes, they would. They love to make their pet parents laugh and will go to great lengths to entertain. If you have a Sagittarius pup, you already know how much they love to keep their owners on their toes! 

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Birthday Blog Party Posts

Dog Birthday Treats

A “happy birthday” dog treat can make their special day even specialer.

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Dog Birthday Party Ideas

How to throw a well-deserved birthday bonanza for your dog all on your own with this simple guide.

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