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cocker spaniel holding leash in mouth in front of Aries zodiac sign Photo Aries Dog Horoscope (March 21 – April 19): The Leader of the Pack

If an Aries dog chooses to adopt you, make sure you have a lot of energy. The first sign of the Zodiac, they are spirited and vivacious with an antic sense of humor.

border collie sitting in front of Taurus zodiac sign Photo Taurus Dog Horoscope (April 20 – May 20): Give Me Shelter

A Taurus dog is inherently shy and has a great need for security. They don't like to ride in the car, hate to move and abhor loud noises and chaos of any kind. Some call these dogs lazy, but others prefer to say they are extra cuddly and are always up snuggles in their favorite sunny spot. If you have a Taurus pup, you likely already know how they seek out stability and thrive with a consistent routine. Try not to argue in front of your little Taurean and take more care on July 4th with your Taurus pooch than you would with other signs. Both thunderstorms and fireworks send them into a tizzy. Although very sweet, Taurus dogs are ruled by Venus and are known to be quite headstrong—not surprising considering this sign is also represented by the bull.  

french bulldog smiling in front of a Gemini zodiac sign Photo Gemini Dog Horoscope (May 21 – June 21): One for the Road

A Gemini dog is an excellent companion for owners who enjoy a lot of outdoor activity. Ruled by Mercury, these pups are intelligent and excitable; they require a big yard to race around in or long walks to burn off nervous energy. If you choose a Gemini pup, you should certainly have the space or some sort of plan to help them exercise. Some dogs can be a bit rambunctious and turn to naughty behavior if they aren’t given the opportunity to burn some energy off. They also have a very low boredom point and need constant changes in scenery, toys, activities, and food types. The more exotic the better – they are food adventurists. 

Gemini dogs love trying new treats and discovering new flavors along the way. And, of course, your furry friend deserves only the best. There are two delicious Milk-Bone® treat options that are sure to satisfy your Gemini’s curiosity. The first is the new Milk-Bone® Comfort Chews made with USA- raised beef. These yummy treats are a great way to relax and distract your dog after a long walk or trip to the park. Or, for something a bit more innovative, try the Milk-Bone® GravyBones® Dog Biscuits. Whenever your Gemini dog sees this box you can expect some excited tag wags!  

three puppies wearing birthday hats sitting in front of a Cancer zodiac sign Photo Cancer Dog Horoscope (June 22 – July 22): Home is Where the Bark is

Cancer is the sign of the crab, and dogs born under this Zodiac sign are only "crabby" when faced with new situations, places or people, or are forced to be separated from their homes. Cancer dogs are notoriously similar to Taurus pups in that they are both home bodies. With their deep need for security and strong attachment to their humans, they can feel a little lost if they have to be boarded when their family goes away on trips. If you have family members willing to take your Cancer dog instead of boarding, that will put your sensitive pup at ease. They are at their best when they are reassured that they are very handsome, smart and well-loved by their dog parents, and will give back tenfold when they feel loved. 

beagle sitting in front of a Leo zodiac sign Photo Leo Dog (July 23 – August 22): The Alpha Dog

A Leo dog is born to be a leader and that can prove problematic if he or she is not going to be an only dog child. Luckily, Leo dogs have sunny dispositions, are friendly, and really seem to like other dogs. If nature can take its course, the other canine householders will start looking to the Leo as the leader of the pack and you won't have to spend all your time breaking up spats (or booking an appointment with a dog whisperer). 

Leos are known for their alpha-mentality, so getting them a companion to lead and teach through life will help them thrive. Another thing that your Leo pup is sure to love are regular trips to the dog park because they are truly social butterflies. As long as your Leo dog is comfortable around any breed, the dog park is a great place to burn energy, make friends, and play endless rounds of fetch. Truly, any game that puts your Leo as the center of attention is always going to be a favorite. Try a classic game of chase, hide and seek, or even some fun agility activities.  

When it comes to treating your Leo dog, it’s no surprise that these pups love exciting flavors. The Milk-Bone® Stuffed Dog Biscuits are a fun way to surprise your Leo! These tasty treats are stuffed full of bacon and beef flavor that will keep them begging for more.  

dog sitting in front of Virgo zodiac sign Photo Virgo Dog Horoscope (August 23 – September 22): Perfect Dog Citizens

Virgo dogs can be a joy to own, if you are the consistent type. They like stability and routine and get anxious if that's denied them. While calm on the surface, if they feel threatened, intimidated, or just discombobulated, they get anxious and it upsets their fragile tummy. Most Virgo owners say their dogs are easy going and have the happiest, tail-waggiest companion nearly all of the time. Because of this, Virgo pups can be very sought after by those searching for a perfect match. 

dog smiling in front of Libra zodiac sign Photo Libra Dog Horoscope (September 23 – October 23): Give Peace a Chance

Ruled by Venus, the sign of beauty, most Libran pooches are extremely handsome, well-proportioned, and have an innate grace and charm. They love it if you notice their appearance. There’s no compliment more meaningful to a Libra dog than "You're so pretty!" regardless of gender. 

Beagle on hind legs looking at Scorpio zodiac sign Photo Scorpio Dog Horoscope (October 24 – November 21): Keeper of Canine Secrets

If you're looking for an outwardly affectionate pet, you might have to look elsewhere. Until their humans win their trust, Scorpio dogs can be a little aloof and distant. But once they let you into their lives and hearts, they love passionately and fiercely. We’re talking lots of cuddles and snuggles! There is no sign that feels more deeply or is as loyal. Choosing a Scorpio pup means truly having a companion for life. Scorpios are also alluring to other signs and are outrageous flirts, so don't be surprised if they have their own canine fan club. 

corgi wearing headband in front of Sagittarius zodiac sign Photo Sagittarius Dog Horoscope (November 22 – December 21): Happy Rambler

Of all the signs, the Sagittarius dog zodiac is the most engaging—there’s never a dull moment with this star sign ruled by Jupiter. They are sociable and good-humored. They are rarely shy, make friends easily with both humans and animals, and always seem to be in a good mood. If they could tell jokes, they would. They love to make their pet parents laugh and will go to great lengths to entertain. If you have a Sagittarius pup, you already know how much they love to keep their owners on their toes! 

chihuahua wearing a red bowtie in front of a Capricorn zodiac sign Photo Capricorn Dog Horoscope (December 22 – January 19): The Polite One

Capricorn canines have great dignity, poise and self-possession. Even when they are puppies, Capricorn dogs act much older than their age and need very little training or guidance. It seems that they were born knowing and they only get better with age. An earth sign, Capricorns are healthy and among the most long-lived members of the zodiac. This sign is ruled by Saturn, so Capricorn dogs seem to welcome challenges and celebrate successes, big and small. These pups are known for their determination and getting things done—even if that means a bit of trouble here and there! Overall, owning a Capricorn dog means your pup will seem to have an old soul and make a wonderful companion through thick and thin.

pug sitting in front of an Aquarius zodiac sign and next to birthday party items Photo Aquarius Dog Horoscope (January 20 – February 18): A Friend Indeed

Ruled by Uranus, the planet of intelligence, sudden change, and eccentricity, if your Aquarius pup is born under the sign of the water bearer, he will be a distinct individual. 

dog laying with Milk-Bone biscuit in mouth in front of Pisces zodiac sign Photo Pisces Dog Horoscope (February 19 – March 20): Still Waters Run Deep

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, symbolized by two fish swimming in the opposite direction – which, like Gemini dogs may make you feel like you've gotten two dogs for the price of one. Affectionate, peace-loving and eager to please one moment, these natives can do an abrupt about-face, becoming a little remote, unreachable or moody. But don't take it personally, Pisces caninesthey've only wandered off to think deep, profound thoughts. They are mystical beings and unerringly intuitive. In fact, if your Pisces dog takes an instant dislike to someone, or if he seems to bark "at nothing," it's almost always something, and pet parents should take notice.  


Additionally, Pisces dogs are known for being extremely creative and thrive when they are stimulated. We recommend incorporating exciting activities for your dog that will keep them busy. Simple ways to get started is investing in a slow feeder or choosing toys that allow you to hide treats for your eager Pisces pal. If you’re searching for a treat suggestion, Pisces dogs love Milk-Bone® Long Lasting Comfort Chews. These delicious treats are sure to keep your clever companion happily occupied for a while. But the Milk-Bone® Original Biscuit Mini’s are ideal for hiding in treat dispensing toys, should your Pisces dog prefer those. 

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What to Do Next with Your Dog Horoscope

Now you know which dog zodiac sign aligns with your canine companion. That means you can use your new astrological knowledge for some serious bonding! For example, if you have an Aries dog in your household, you can appeal to their energetic spirit by getting them out of the house more often – take them on challenging hikes or let them roughhouse at the dog park. Or, if you have a food-loving Cancer or Taurus dog, you can mix up their treat flavors and textures to make their tummies happy (just keep treating under 10% of their daily caloric intake to ensure they don’t get too thick around the middle).

But who are we kidding – no matter your dog’s sign, they all deserve tasty treats! And they all love eating them, too. You don’t need to chart the stars to figure that one out! Check out all the awesome treats the Milk-Bone® brand has to offer.

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