Leo Dog (July 23 – August 22): The Alpha Dog

Leo Dog (July 23 – August 22): The Alpha Dog

A Leo dog is born to be a leader and that can prove problematic if he or she is not going to be an only dog child. Luckily, they have sunny dispositions, are friendly and really seem to like other dogs. If nature can take its course, the other canine householders will start looking to the Leo as the leader of the pack and you won't have to spend all your time breaking up spats (or booking an appointment with a dog whisperer).

Fearless Protectors

Leos like their humans and they will go to remarkable lengths to safeguard their loved ones. When you hear stories about canines dragging their owners out of a burning building or awakening them when they detect a gas leak or an intruder, it's usually the work of a Leo dog.

They are fearless, brave and believe it is their job to protect you. But the deed alone is not a just reward for a Leo dog; they love to be praised lavishly and would not say no to those gold and purple medals for bravery, happily preening for photos wearing them. Leo doggies get along best with the other fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, as well as Aquarians, who won't be put off by their arrogant ways.

Most Desirable Qualities:

  • Fearless
  • Brave
  • Loyal

Least Desirable Qualities:

  • Can be domineering
  •  A little vain

*Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only.

What to Do Next with Your Dog Horoscope

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