Taurus Dog Horoscope (April 20 – May 20): Give Me Shelter

Taurus Dog Horoscope (April 20 – May 20): Give Me Shelter

A Taurus dog is inherently shy and has a great need for security. They don't like to ride in the car, hate to move and abhor loud noises and chaos of any kind. Some call these dogs lazy, but others prefer to say they are extra cuddly and are always up snuggles in their favorite sunny spot. If you have a Taurus pup, you likely already know how they seek out stability and thrive with a consistent routine. Try not to argue in front of your little Taurean and take more care on July 4th with your Taurus pooch than you would with other signs. Both thunderstorms and fireworks send them into a tizzy. Although very sweet, Taurus dogs are ruled by Venus and are known to be quite headstrong—not surprising considering this sign is also represented by the bull.  


While mild-mannered and loving, they can be stubborn: you cannot force a Taurus pup to do tricks, go for a walk or welcome houseguests. Unless it's their idea, of course. While understated in temperament, they do have a flamboyant side and might enjoy getting dressed up. They can be the teeniest bit lazy and can be prone to gaining weight, so make sure you don't forget regular walks. It’s likely that a lot of coaxing with be involved to convince your Taurus pal to take these walks. But we recommend offering tasty treats to get them up and moving. A fan-favorite for any Taurus pup who loves fancy treats must be Milk-Bone’s Soft & Chewy dog treats (link to treat page). Taurus owners can do a lot of persuading with these yummy indulgences!


Kindhearted, steadfast and loyal, Taurus dogs bond deeply with their humans and are especially good with children. The only thing that seems to upset them is if their treasured possessions are missing or threatened in any way. These natives get along best with pet parents who understand their need for security. Best fits for this these headstrong canines are Cancer and Capricorn owners.

If you’re looking to add another dog to your household, your Taurus dog will get along best with other Taurus pups and Virgo (link to Virgo horoscope page) or Capricorn (link to Capricorn horoscope page) dogs. These dogs share similar personality traits and enjoy routines just as much!

Most Desirable Taurus Dog Traits:

  • Loving
  • Even-tempered
  • Down-to-earth
  • Dependable
  • Patient

Least Desirable Taurus Dog Traits:

  • Can be a little lazy
  • Stubborn
  • Picky
  • Uncompromising
  • Possessive


Now you know which dog zodiac sign aligns with your canine companion. That means you can use your new astrological knowledge for some serious bonding! For example, if you have an Aries dog in your household, you can appeal to their energetic spirit by getting them out of the house more often – take them on challenging hikes or let them roughhouse at the dog park. Or, if you have a food-loving Cancer or Taurus dog, you can mix up their treat flavors and textures to make their tummies happy (just keep treating under 10% of their daily caloric intake to ensure they don’t get too thick around the middle).

But who are we kidding – no matter your dog’s sign, they all deserve tasty treats! And they all love eating them, too. You don’t need to chart the stars to figure that one out! Check out all the awesome treats the Milk-Bone® brand has to offer.

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