Virgo Dog (August 23 – September 22): Perfect Dog Citizens

Virgo Dog (August 23 – September 22): Perfect Dog Citizens

Virgo dogs can be a joy to own, if you are the consistent type. They like stability and routine and get anxious if that's denied them. While calm on the surface, if they feel threatened, intimidated or just discombobulated, they get anxious and it upsets their fragile tummy.

Smart and Dignified

Virgo dogs are one of the better-behaved signs of the dog stars. And for companionship there is no better sign. They are intelligent, full of energy, and even-tempered. They pride themselves on their cleanliness, groom themselves frequently and are rarely in a bad mood. They do not need a lot of attention and would never stoop to making confetti out of the newspaper or gnawing through USB cables just to get a response out of you. They have too much dignity for that.

Hyper Verbal

Ruled by Mercury, the sign of communication, Virgo pooches would rather "talk" to you than create a scene, carrying on their own dog-speak to make you understand their needs. They tend to look deeply into your eyes, their expression insightful and wise, making you believe they actually know what you're thinking.

Healers of the Zodiac

If you fall ill, a Virgo dog won't leave your side, keeping you company through the worst of it and proving they understand how important that mind-body connection is for healing. They are kind to their animal siblings and like nothing better than having everything in order – from the pecking order of the household, to where the leashes are stored, to their food bowls. Virgos get along best with other organized types, like Capricorns and Taurus, but often make a soul connection with a Pisces owner.

Most Desirable Qualities:

  • Social
  • Loves humans
  • Neat

Least Desirable Qualities:

  • Worrier
  • Requires stability and a quiet home

*Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only.

What to Do Next with Your Dog Horoscope

Now you know which dog zodiac sign aligns with your canine companion. That means you can use your new astrological knowledge for some serious bonding! For example, if you have an Aries dog in your household, you can appeal to their energetic spirit by getting them out of the house more often – take them on challenging hikes or let them roughhouse at the dog park. Or, if you have a food-loving Cancer or Taurus dog, you can mix up their treat flavors and textures to make their tummies happy (just keep treating under 10% of their daily caloric intake to ensure they don’t get too thick around the middle).

But who are we kidding – no matter your dog’s sign, they all deserve tasty treats! And they all love eating them, too. You don’t need to chart the stars to figure that one out! Check out all the awesome treats the Milk-Bone® brand has to offer.

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