Say Treats: 8 Tips for Snapping Perfect Dog Photos

Say Treats: 8 Tips for Snapping Perfect Dog Photos

Check out these dog photo tips to become an ace dog photographer and have the best dog photos to showoff to friends!

Your dog is cute and deserves to have his picture taken often, so here are some tips to help make snapping those shots easier! 

1. Treats on treats on treats 

It's no secret that the easiest way to get dogs to do something is to use treats as motivation. This can mean holding treats close to the camera to get their focus (some brave souls tape treats directly to the camera) or rewarding your dog with treats before, during and after the shoot. It may also help to save certain special treats just for photo days, so that your dog has something to look forward to. 

2. Jog the dog 

Taking your dog for a quick run or sprint before snapping photos will do two things. One, it will make sure she’s a little tired and less antsy while you're shooting. And two, her panting as she rests makes for the perfect tongue-out doggy smile. 

dog photo tips

3. Fastest shutter in the West 

When taking action shots of your pup, make sure to set your camera to a faster shutter speed so you can catch her as she runs. Since this affects the light in your photographs, a fast shutter speed is best used when you're snapping photos outside with lots of natural light. 

dog photo tips

4. Dogs eye view 

You'll get especially unique pictures if you take them from your dog's eye level. This means you may need to kneel, crouch or lie down to get the shot. Photos taken from this perspective are great for showcasing your pooch’s personality up close. 

dog photo tips

5. Shots, shots, shots 

The best thing about the advent of digital photography is that you can take as many photographs as you want without worrying that you'll run out of film. Try to snap a bunch of photos of your dog in quick succession. Some cameras even have settings that take multiple pictures at a time. Shooting like this will ensure you have a variety of photos and a greater chance of finding the perfect one. 

6. Stay golden 

Photographers call the hour just after sunrise and the hour just before sunset "the golden hour." During this time, the natural light is redder, and the sun is at an optimum position for taking gorgeous outdoor pictures. Get out with your pooch during these times and watch the magic happen. 

dog photo tips

7. Back off, sun 

Natural light can be hard to control when shooting outside. One hack is to always have your back to the sun as you take photographs of your pup. This will ensure no shadow falls across his face in the picture. 

8. Warm + full = wonderful 

We have a sneaking suspicion that when your dog is warm and full, the photo shoot will go smoother. So make sure your shoot takes place in a cozy spot and give your pup a good meal beforehand. 

Photos courtesy of Kevin Lowery. 

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