8 Ideas for Throwing a Dog Halloween Party

8 Ideas for Throwing a Dog Halloween Party

Follow our below steps to make sure you throw the perfect dog Halloween party this October! 

Some dogs are up for the usual trick-or-treating festivities, but others aren’t as comfortable with the typical crowds or levels of excitement. A great alternative is taking your dog to the park for a doggy trick-or-treating party. It's a great way to include him in the fun without pushing him too far outside his comfort level. It’s also a chance for him to expend energy and learn to socialize with different dogs and people. 

Here‘s a quick guide for making your dog park party a real scream: 

1. Invite your dog’s favorite furry friends 

There’s almost always a mixed bunch of dogs at dog parks, all with different lovable personalities. Make sure you invite dogs and owners your dog is already comfortable with to guarantee that your dog has a good time. 

2. Bring party favors 

Everyone knows a party is never complete without a swag bag—or in the case of your pups—a wag bag. Make a wag bag for your guests by putting a Halloween-themed squeaky toy, a ball, and some treats, such as Milk-Bone® dog treats, in a bag and giving them out at the party. Plus, once the dogs are off with their party favors, the owners can use the bags to pick up … um … the favors their pets leave behind. 

3. Make sure to chaperone 

Dog parties are like kid parties: adorable, but in need of lots of supervision. It’s fine to chat with your fellow dog parents, but make sure all parties are keeping an eye on their pooches. This will help keep every party guest safe and out of trouble. Remember, no tricks, only treats! 

4. Bring treats to pass out 

Your doggy may not know how to say “trick or treat” but that doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t still deserve trick-or-treating. Since candy can wreak major havoc on canine tummies, bring a healthy supply of Milk-Bone® dog snacks for your dog and his furry friends. Better still, make your own DIY doggy bags! 

5. Keep everybody entertained 

When all the sniffing each other is over with, the dogs will be sniffing for something else to do. So be sure to bring balls, flying discs and other fun stuff to keep the dogs occupied while the parents chitchat. 

6. Dress down, not up 

Some Halloween costumes, though super cute, can restrict a dog’s ability to frolic and play. Leave all the bells and whistles at home and keep your dog’s costume simple and comfortable. 

7. Strut your mutt 

Give your guests and their dogs reason to dress up by having a fashion show. Set up a catwalk (or in this case, a dog walk) on one side of the park, turn on some festive music and take turns to show off your costumes. Be sure to award special prizes for the cutest, scariest, funniest, and most elaborate costumes. 

8. Create a cute keepsake 

Hire a caricaturist (or someone who is a whiz at drawing) to draw Halloween-themed caricatures of dogs and their parents in their ghoulish getups. 

The rules for a dog party are just like the rules for a people party. Make sure everyone is fed and comfortable, stop things from getting too rowdy, and always have fun.  

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