7 Dog Halloween Party Ideas

7 Dog Halloween Party Ideas

Follow our below steps to make sure you throw the perfect dog Halloween party this October! 

Some dogs are totally game for trick-or-treating festivities, but others aren’t as comfortable with the typical crowds or levels of excitement. But sitting out trick-or-treat doesn’t mean your dog has to miss out on all the Halloween fun. Send out some invitations to a Halloween dog party! Gathering your dog’s favorite people and other four-legged friends for an epic monster mash is a great way to include him in the fun without pushing him outside of his comfort zone. Use these Halloween dog party ideas to make your celebration a real scream. 

1. Find the Right Spot  

A fenced yard is the perfect place for all your doggy guests to have some off-leash fun this October. You could also invite your guests to a local dog park you’re all familiar with — just know that there will likely be other people and dogs hanging out there as well. Finding a setting where only your dog’s favorite, familiar people and pups will be present might be your best bet for ensuring that everyone has a scary-good time.  

2. Bring Party Favors 

Everyone knows a party is never complete without a swag bag — or in the case of your pups, a wag bag. To create the ultimate wag bag, you could include a Halloween-themed toy, a ball and, of course, some tasty treats. Milk-Bone® and Pup-Peroni® Trick or Treat Packs are 1-ounce bags of either Milk-Bone® Mini’s Original Biscuits or Pup-Peroni® Training Treats Made With Real Beef. They’re ideal for treating all your doggy guests to a taste of Howl-o-ween fun. 

3. Make Sure to Chaperone  

A Halloween dog party is like a kid party: adorable, but in need of lots of supervision. It’s fine to chat with your fellow dog parents, but make sure everyone keeps an eye on their pooches. This will help keep every party guest safe and out of trouble. Remember, no tricks, only treats!  

4. Bring Treats to Pass Out  

Your dog may not know how to say “trick or treat,” but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve Halloween goodies. Having a canister of Milk-Bone® MaroSnacks® Halloween Dog Treats on hand would be perfect for passing out little treats to doggy guests throughout the night. They’re the same MaroSnacks® treats dogs love with a Halloween twist — and they’re made with real bone marrow to give ‘em that irresistible taste without having to go grave-robbing. 

5. Keep ‘Em Entertained   

Once all the doggy invitees have finished sniffing each other, they’ll be sniffing for something else to do. Having some Halloween dog party games planned can help keep the night full of fun. You could try a game of “hide-and-go-treat” by hiding dog treats (like Halloween MaroSnacks®) around the party area and letting the dogs sniff them out. Or, you could use Milk-Bone® Apple Cinnamon Flavor Dog Biscuits to play a dog-friendly version of bobbing for apples — just put a few biscuits in dog dishes filled with water or plain bone broth and let those snouts go to town. Having plenty of toys around for the dogs to play with is always a great idea, too. 

6. Dress Down, Not Up  

Some Halloween dog costumes, though super cute, can restrict a dog’s ability to frolic and play. Leave all the bells and whistles at home and keep your dog’s costume simple and comfortable. Our article on Halloween dog safety has more info on costume considerations and other tips for having a fun and safe holiday. 

7. Create a Cute Keepsake  

Hire a caricaturist (or someone who is a whiz at drawing) to draw Halloween-themed caricatures of dogs and their parents in their ghoulish get-up. You could also create a Halloween backdrop for the dogs to sit in front of so you can snap their picture with an instant camera or your phone. That way you always have fond memories of Halloween fun to look back on. 

The rules for a dog party are just like the rules for a people party. Make sure everyone is fed and comfortable, don’t let things get too rowdy and always have fun. Happy Howl-o-ween! 

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