How to Lend Holiday Help to Canine Assistants

How to Lend Holiday Help to Canine Assistants

Spread some good holiday cheer. Help Canine Assistants provide service pups for those in need.

Spread some good holiday cheer. Help Canine Assistants provide service pups for those in need. 

Canine Assistants is a wonderful nonprofit organization that educates service dogs, seizure response dogs and companion dogs for those with physical disabilities and other types of special needs. This organization relies solely on donations to provide trained dogs at no charge to those in need. Milk-Bone® is proud to be a sponsor of the amazing work done by Canine Assistants, and sat down with expert Gary Arnold to find out how you can help them this holiday season.  

How can potential volunteers sign up to work with Canine Assistants or groups like them in their local communities? 

Gary: Individuals can visit and click on the volunteer link to learn about all of our local and national volunteer opportunities. Corporations in the Atlanta area can fill out the corporate volunteer form on the website.  

What can potential volunteers expect once they are accepted on the local level in the Atlanta area or through the national volunteer program, Noah's Team? 

Gary: Our volunteers go through specific classes and are assigned mentors to help them understand our service dog teaching methodology. They assist Canine Assistants with a wide variety of tasks including fostering and acclimating dogs to new environments, cleaning, fundraising, and helping with recipient camps. Canine Assistants has about 300 active volunteers who help our program year-round.  

How can people donate to Canine Assistants? If money is tight, can they donate supplies instead? 

Gary: Anyone interested in giving a financial donation can send a check to our headquarters at 3160 Francis Rd Milton, GA 30004 or donate online through the homepage. Supplies are always welcome! We have an online wish list for specific veterinary items, and a wish list on our website that includes all needed cleaning and operating supplies.  

Can people donate to sponsor a specific dog's training or a dog for a specific recipient? 

Gary: Canine Assistants does not sell service dogs, but certainly monetary donations can be made for a specific demographic, age range and geographical location for a future recipient. The puppy adoption program is a great way to sponsor a dog and follow him or her through the teaching process.  

To give a really meaningful holiday gift, can people donate to Canine Assistants in someone else's name and have that recipient notified of the donation? 

Gary: Absolutely! Canine Assistants has special cards to send in honor or memory of someone during the holidays. You can find more information on our website

Does Canine Assistants have any special needs in terms of supplies, other donations or assistance at this time of year? 

Gary: Financial contributions are always welcome and appreciated during the holidays! Other items frequently used are creamy peanut butter, squeeze cheese, printing paper, puzzle toys, 1-inch three ring binders and other office supplies. 

Help Canine Assistants continue their great work with those in need by donating today!  

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