5 Ways to Include Your Dog During the Holidays

5 Ways to Include Your Dog During the Holidays

We’ve got five ideas to help you make the holidays with your dog that much more magical for your pooch.

The holidays aren't just for children. Dog parents love to lavish attention on their four-legged dependents during the holidays as much as most people love going all out for their two-legged kids. And as part of the family, dogs also enjoy being included in the holiday fun. Here are five ways you can go all out for your pup to make his holiday season magical. 

1. Tour the Holiday Lights 

As you load everyone in the car to take in the holiday light displays, don't forget to include the dog! Buster might not appreciate the artistic aspects of this once-a-year twinkle show quite as much as the human members of your party, but he'll no doubt enjoy the car ride, as well as the excitement of the adventure. Be sure to bring a leash along in case you get a chance to get out of the car and view the lights up close. 

2. Treat Your Pup to a Hot Mock-olate 

Don't leave your pooch out in the cold as you enjoy one of the season's coziest staples — a frothy hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. Serve your pup a mug of his very own whipped cream to enjoy, but skip the chocolate. Chocolate can be toxic for dog, and besides, the whipped cream alone will send him over the moon with joy, propelled by his wagging tail. Note that dairy can upset some pups' tummies, so start with a small serving to be sure he tolerates it well. 

3. Sing Carols Together 

Whether you gather to sing around the home fire or don your hats and mittens to go serenade your neighbors, include your pup in the caroling fun. He might even decide to join in and “sing" along to everyone's delight. 

4. Dress Up for Holiday Selfies 

If your dog enjoys wearing clothing and costumes, you can have loads of fun taking selfies of the two of you in holiday dress and sharing them on social media. Try dressing in matching ugly holiday sweaters, or don a Santa hat and put a set of reindeer antlers on your pooch. Whatever you decide to wear, you're bound to have fun while making your pup feel included and important. 

5. Play Santa for Your Pooch 

Be sure to include Buster on your holiday shopping list. Wrap a giant bone and hide it under the tree for your dog to find on Christmas morning, or fill up his very own stocking with toys and treats. If you're celebrating Hanukkah, wrap each little gift individually and dole them out over the course of the holiday. 

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