How to Give a Dog a Pill

How to Give a Dog a Pill

If your pup isn't feeling well, they might need some medicine. But how do you get your dog to take pills they might not want to take? Read our tips here.

No one likes taking medicine; even humans have to sing a song about making the whole process sweeter. Dogs are the same way, so here are some tips for helping your dog take his medicine. 

Hide it in a treat 

This is probably the tastiest solution for a dog that won’t take pills. Some treats, like Milk-Bone® Pill Pouches, have a special slot in them, perfect for disguising medicine. If you want to go the DIY route and use human food, double check with your vet that it’s doggy-safe. 

Treat in threes 

If you want to help your furry friend take her meds, you’re going to have to be a little sneaky. First give him the treat without a pill in it. After that, give him the treat with the pill inside. When he’s eaten that, give him another pill-free treat as a reward. Check with your vet before treating this way, and work with her to help determine your pup’s healthy daily treat allowance. 

Use a pill dropper 

A pill dropper is a fancy contraption that looks like a syringe that drops a pill through a tube into your dog’s mouth. You can buy a pill dropper at your vet’s office or local pet store. Once you do, load it with a pill, then gently open your dog’s mouth. Insert the dropper into his mouth and gently and carefully drop in the pill. 

Ask for a compound 

Sometimes vet pharmacists can compound a medicine so it’s in a more palatable form, like a treat or a liquid. Ask your vet if she knows a place nearby that can compound your pup’s meds into something tasty. 

These tips can help make doggy sick days less stressful. Here’s hoping your furry friend feels better soon! 

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