How to Pick the Right Daycare for Your Dog

How to Pick the Right Daycare for Your Dog

Dog daycare is a great option, but some dogs may be better suited for it than others. Read our tips for picking the best dog daycare for your pup.

For dogs, a whole day alone at home while you’re at work can be lonely and boring. Dog daycare is a great alternative to leaving your dog at home, but some dogs may be better suited for it than others. Ask yourself these questions to decide if your pooch can have a dog day afternoon at a care facility. 

Is your dog neutered or spayed? 

Most daycares require that canine guests be “fixed” before they come to play to avoid any aggression or general canoodling. If you don’t want grand-dogs this is a must! 

Is your dog a dog’s dog? 

Think about it, you wouldn’t send an extremely anxious anti-social person to a party every single day so why would you send a dog with the same traits to a party? Make sure your dog is not aggressive and is well-socialized before checking into a daycare. 

Does your dog have all necessary shots? 

New friends can sometimes lead to new diseases if every dog isn’t vaccinated. Most daycares ask that all dogs have all required shots before they visit. 

Is the staff professionally trained? 

Being a dog lover isn’t enough to make someone qualified to watch your pet all day, so make sure that the staff underwent professional training before they were hired. Ask if anyone on staff is a certified animal behaviorist and someone who has been trained in animal first aid. 

What’s the ratio? 

It is said that the ideal ratio of humans to dogs in a daycare is around one human to 10 dogs. Check if your daycare facility has a similar ratio to make sure your dog is under constant supervision. 

Have you visited the daycare? 

Everybody has off days—even clean, friendly dog daycares. Make sure to visit any facility you’re considering more than once to make sure it’s right for you. 

What’s the camera situation? 

Webcams can be a good way for you to keep an eye on your pup even when they’re at daycare. See if the daycare you’re interested in offers a streaming cam that’ll let you check in while your dog plays there. 

Is this the place for all dogs? 

Senior dogs or dogs with special needs might feel overwhelmed in a daycare situation that mixes them with younger, more spry dogs. Instead, try a facility that caters specifically to your dog’s ability and care level. 

If you’ve answered all these questions in a satisfactory way then congrats! Your pup is ready to make new friends and have great adventures at the daycare of your choice. 

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