10 Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Them

10 Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Them

You love your dog, but do they know that? Read our tips on how to show your dog you love them.

February tends to be the month where humans get mushy with each other, so why not get a little mushy with your pooch? He or she is, after all, your best friend! Here are 10 ways to show your dog you love them. 

1. Give the gift of you 

Our dogs love it when we pet them while relaxing in front of the T.V. or reading a good book, but every now and then, they need your undivided attention. Play with them somewhere free of distractions and watch as they bask in the light of your laser-focused presence. 

2. Seize the dog day 

Pampering your pooch doesn't have to wait for holidays or other special occasions. Pick a day where you set aside time to spoil your dog by letting him play a little longer than usual or letting him have an extra-tasty treat that he may not have every day. 

3. Get grooming 

Sometimes doing what's best for your dog—even if it seems like common sense—is the greatest way to show love. Take time out to groom your pup by brushing his coat or cleaning his teeth. He may not enjoy it at the time, but the benefits to his health are well worth it. 

4. Tucker them out 

Dog energy is not always equal to human energy, and some dogs still want to play even after you're wiped out. Take a day to let your dog get all his energy out. You can do this by taking a long hike, having him play with a friend while you're at work, or going on a run together. 

5. Bring joy with new toys 

Who doesn't love new toys? Your dog may be perfectly content to gnaw away on the same chew toy forever, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve a new one every now and then. Give him a new toy to play with that will stimulate his mind and excite his senses. 

6. Plan a play date 

If your dog is hyper-social, a play date may be just what he needs. Gather his favorite friends, (human, dog or other animal), and get together for a fun afternoon. 

7. Get on your dog's level 

Most dogs love being face to face with their humans, and it's said that spending time snuggling with dogs can actually keep humans happy and healthy too. Instead of making your pup jump on the bed or couch, set up a comfy spot on the floor to lay with him and cuddle up together. 

8. Don't be miffed about sniffing 

Sniffing trees and fire hydrants on a walk is the doggy equivalent of skimming through the morning newspaper. Let your dog sniff and explore as long as he wants and see how happy he is post-walk. 

9. Give Spot a spa day 

Treat your pooch to a day at the dog spa. A lot of major cities now have dog spa facilities that combine elements of grooming and pure dog relaxation. If your city doesn't have a pet spa, check out online videos and learn how to give your dog a massage yourself. 

10. Tell it like it is 

Dog behavior and training expert Jennifer Arnold says, "If you want a happy, well-mannered dog, love him as unconditionally as he loves you." Show your dog the love by straight up telling him how you feel each night before going to bed. 

Even though these are just a few ways to show your dog how much you love him, we’re willing to bet you’ll end up feeling the love as well. 

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