7 Fun Things to Do with Your Dog on Valentine’s Day

7 Fun Things to Do with Your Dog on Valentine’s Day

Are you head-over-heels for your dog? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show it. From car rides to dog dates, you’ll find all sorts of ways to celebrate from Milk-Bone®.

Valentine’s Day is on the way, which means you’re probably coming up with all sorts of ways to celebrate with loved ones. And who loves you more than your dog? Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to give your four-legged soulmate even more love and affection than usual, because they’re amazing and adorable and they deserve it. Sappy cards and chocolates are obviously off the table, but there are still plenty of dog-friendly activities that will make Valentine’s Day fun for both of you.   

1. Treat Your Pup to Some Extra Love

Is there anything sweeter than indulging in a little Valentine’s Day treat from your special somebody? You can give that same excitement to your dog with Milk-Bone® Valentine’s Day dog treats. Our heart-shaped Valentine Pooch Pack comes with an assortment of goodies to tantalize any dog’s tastebuds. Or, get them a canister of Sweetheart Snacks, a Valentine-y take on our classic, crunchy Mini’s dog snacks. It’ll let you treat ‘em to words of love all season long!

2. Go Cruisin’ with Your Crush

You and your dog enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like taking a ride around the neighborhood with some good music on the radio. So, lean into it! A Valentine’s Day dog date doesn’t need to be expensive to be fun and memorable. Just hop in the car, fasten your seatbelts and take in your favorite sights. And maybe put some treats from their Pooch Pack in the cupholder for munching on-the-go.

3. Plan Some Playtime with Your Pooch

Valentine’s Day is in the dead of winter, so sometimes staying in seems like the best plan. Who doesn’t love spending a relaxing, cozy day with their bestie? Fill your quality time with your favorite indoor dog activities, like tug of war, fetch and hunting for hidden treats.

If you’re looking for something new, try a round of Treat Tic Tac Toe. Draw a large grid on a piece of paper or poster board and put a treat from their canister of Sweetheart Snacks in each space. Then, draw an X in each space where they eat a treat. See how long it takes for them to get three in a row! Before playing, remember to review the feeding instructions on the treat package for an ideal serving size for your dog.

4. Take a Walk on Cloud 9

If you and your dog are outdoorsy types and the Valentine’s Day forecast is looking pretty good, don’t let the opportunity go to waste. This calls for an adventure! Lace up your hiking boots, grab their leash and head to your favorite walking trail. Choosing an extra-scenic trail is sure to earn you bonus points. But even just taking a W-A-L-K around the neighborhood or a nearby park is sure to get your dog’s tail wagging.

5. Arrange a Doggy Double Date

Embrace your dog’s inner social butterfly this Valentine’s Day and invite some pals over for a doggie date night. Have a nice dinner with your human pals and pass out treats to their furry valentines—and your own, of course! You could even start a game of Hide-n-Go Eat by stowing away treats throughout the house and letting the dogs use their noses to sniff out the goodies. Afterward, snuggle up together for a Valentine’s movie night.

6. Make It Picture Paw-fect

You can never have too many pictures of your dog. Like, come on, they’re basically a supermodel. And Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for a doggy photoshoot.

Head to your local pet store to see if there are any cute Valentine’s-themed outfits for dogs. If your dog isn’t big on clothes, find them a Valentine’s Day collar or bandana. They’ll look just as cute! Then, work those photography skills. You could do an outdoor session in their favorite scenic area or you could have them pose and strut their stuff right at home. If you’re feeling really crafty, you could even make a Valentine’s photo booth or display for your dog to sit in. Be sure to share your pictures with @milkbone on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter when you post! We love getting to see the adorable faces of Valentine’s Day doglife.

7. Find Dog-Friendly Things to Do Near You

Going out on the town for Valentine’s Day can be a real treat. But it’s always important to double-check which places are dog-friendly before heading out. While doing your research, you may even stumble across dog-friendly activities at places that don’t normally allow pets. Sign up if any of them sound fun! You could also plan a trip to your local pet store or pet specialty shop. Let your dog pick out a special toy to really make their day.

No matter how you and your dog spend Valentine’s Day, the most important thing is that your dog knows how much you love them. The best way to show them is just by being together. And maybe giving them an extra treat or two.

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