Why Do Dogs Like Peanut Butter?

Why Do Dogs Like Peanut Butter?

Our vet expert Dr. Leslie reveals why dogs go nuts for a scoop of peanut butter (and possibly even jelly)!

If you need a quick laugh, search for videos of dogs eating peanut butter. You’ll find tons of pups going crazy for this sweet and salty snack, gleefully eating it even as it sticks to their tongues. But why do dogs like this nutty treat? Our vet expert, Dr. Leslie, has the answers. 

Ahhh, sugar, sugar … 

According to Dr. Leslie, it’s not the nutty smell that attracts dogs, but the sugar component instead. Dogs are omnivores and, as a result, have a sensitivity for sweetness. In the wild, a sweet taste could mean something is loaded with carbohydrates — something a dog could eat to gain energy. Other animals, like cats, can’t detect sweet things because they are mainly carnivores and have less of a need to find carbs. So as omnivores, dogs are more likely to identify and enjoy a sweet snack like peanut butter. 

This sweet tooth could also explain why dogs like eating apples and other fruits or even why they stare longingly at your ice cream cone. 

No matter how much your pup begs, try keeping their peanut butter intake to a minimum. Remember, even the sweetest treat could turn a dog’s tummy sour! That being said, you can serve your dog some Milk-Bone® peanut butter flavor treats. These tasty new treats come in all the peanut butter flavors dogs love, without being harmful to their insides. Looking for a longer lasting treat to fix your pup’s peanut butter craving? Try Milk-Bone GnawBones® With Peanut Butter

About Dr. Leslie 

Dr. Leslie Hancock-Monroe has been a top veterinarian for 15 years and is a Research Fellow, Pet Nutrition & Animal Science, for The J.M. Smucker Co. 

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