Milk-Bone® Pup-Peroni® Mashups Dog Snacks

You’ll find Mashups™ at the intersection of crunchy and meaty. Each treat combines two classic favorites: oven-baked Milk-Bone® biscuits and chunks of baked-in Pup-Peroni® meaty morsels.

MILK-BONE® PUP-PERONI® MASHUPS™- Milk-Bone® Pup-Peroni® Mashups™ Dog Snacks
Small Treat Size • Crunchy Biscuit • Baked-In Meaty Morsels
Give your dog the ultimate duo: crunchy, oven-baked Milk-Bone® biscuits with chunks of baked-in Pup-Peroni® meaty morsels.

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