Original Crunchy
Dog Biscuits and Treats

Treat your dog to the crunchy biscuit that’s been bringing joy for over a century — now with even MORE meaty flavor compared to the Milk-Bone® Original biscuits you know and love.


Fortified with 12 vitamins & minerals
Keep your BFF ready to face doglife every day.

Crunchy texture helps reduce tartar build-up
Tasty treats full of crunch that help clean teeth and freshen breath.

Wholesome & tasty
Delicious treats you can feel good about giving.

Original Biscuits - Large Biscuits Original Biscuits - Large
Large Treat Size • For Dogs Larger than 50 lbs 
A tasty, crunchy, bone-shaped treat that gives large dogs big flavor.
Original Biscuits - Medium Biscuits Original Biscuits - Medium
Medium Treat Size • For Dogs Over 20 lbs
Delicious, wholesome treats your dog will love.
Original Biscuits — Small Biscuits Original Biscuits — Small
Small Treat Size • For Dogs Less Than 20 lbs
A crunchy texture helps to keep your dog’s teeth clean and his breath fresh. 
Original Biscuits — Mini’s Biscuits Original Biscuits — Mini’s
Mini Treat Size • For Dogs of All Sizes • Just 5 Calories Per Treat
Tasty bite-sized biscuits — just 5 calories each! Perfect for treating or training.
Milk-Bone® Grain Free Biscuits Milk-Bone® Grain Free
Small Treat Size • Grain Free • For Dogs of All Sizes
A delicious biscuit with 12 vitamins and minerals—and no added grain, corn or wheat.
Original Biscuits — Puppy Biscuits Original Biscuits — Puppy
Small Treat Size • For Dogs Under One Year
The tastiest treat doglife has to offer, formulated especially for growing puppies.
Halloween Trick-or-Treats Packs Biscuits Halloween Trick-or-Treats Packs
Mini Treat Size • For Dogs of All Sizes • Just 5 Calories Per Treat
Are you ready for doggy trick or treat? Trick or not, Halloween calls for Milk-Bone dog treats!
Milk-Bone® Mini’s Valentine’s Day Dog Treats Biscuits Milk-Bone® Mini’s Valentine’s Day Dog Treats
Mini Treat Size • For Dogs of All Sizes • Just 5 Calories Per Treat
How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your dearest dog valentine? With extra special dog treats! 

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