Halloween Dog Treats

Give your pup-kin their happiest Howl-o-ween season yet with fun and tasty Halloween treats dogs just can’t get enough of.

All Treats, No Tricks

We know you want to give your furry boo the best. That′s why we make Halloween dog treats you can both feel good about.
Tastes dogs love Tastes dogs love
Quality you can trust Quality you can trust
Extra special, festive fun Extra special, festive fun

Treat All Season Like a Pawty

Use these tips to help give your little four-legged monsters plenty of Howl-o-ween fun.


1.    Get more treats than you think you need so you and your dog won’t be scared to share with other peoples’ pets.  

2.    If cats are also part of your crew, be sure to get some Halloween treats made for cats. (Dog-friendly treats are generally not cat-friendly). 

3.    Choose Halloween treats for dogs of all sizes (like the ones below). You never know who might show up at your house for trick-or-treat, or what furry friend you might make on your own Halloween adventure.

Play It Safe with Halloween Dog Costumes 

There are so many scary-cute dog costumes out there, but are they right for your pet? Consider these questions: 

  1. Has your dog worn clothes before (like harnesses, doggy life vests or shirts)? If not, try putting a loose-fitting t-shirt on them to see how they react. If they’re not a fan, extravagant dog Halloween costumes probably aren’t for them. 
  2. Is your dog a chewer or shredder? Their costume might pose a choking hazard if they tear off strips of fabric or small pieces.  
  3. Does the costume restrict their movement? Get them a different size that allows them to move more comfortably or try a different look altogether (if they’re okay with clothing, of course). 
  4. Not a fan of any costume? Opt for a cute Halloween collar or bandana instead. They’ll look just as cute and be happier, too. 

What to Do If Your Dog Eats Halloween Candy 

Did your furry trickster get into treats that weren’t for them? Here’s what to do if your dog ate Halloween candy. 

  1. Call your vet or the ASPCA Poison Control Center
  2. Monitor your pet for abnormal behaviors like loss of coordination or seizures. 
  3. Watch for vomiting and/or diarrhea caused by too much sugar. 
  4. If your dog ate Halloween candy wrappers, follow the same steps as above. Plastic or foil wrappers can cause internal blockages or cuts that could be dangerous. 
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