Innovative and New Dog Treats

Sure, our original biscuits have been loved by dogs for more than 100 years. But we’re always coming up with tasty new treats and improving on old favorites to keep tails wagging and mouths drooling.

The Latest Treats from Milk-Bone® Brand

All the latest and tastiest treats to keep tails wagging and doglife days more fun.
Discover something different Discover something different
Tempt your dog’s tastebuds Tempt your dog’s tastebuds
Extra-special, festive fun Extra-special, festive fun

Flavor Braids Dog Chews

Give ‘em three irresistible flavors braided into one unique chew.


1.    Long-lasting chew treats with bold flavors your dog will love

2.    Chewing action helps clean teeth

3.    100% rawhide free and plastic free treats

Flavor Twists Dog Chews

Chew treats with a deliciously bold twist!


1.    Easy on the digestive system

2.    Made with real steak or chicken

3.    100% rawhide free and plastic free treats

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Stacked Wholesome Sandwich Biscuits

Wholesome dog treats with creamy and delicious filling between two oven-baked crunchy biscuits.


1.   Molasses and peanut butter flavor filling

2.   Made with 100% human grade ingredients

3.   No artificial preservatives, colors or fillers

Stuffed Wholesome Dog Biscuits

Delight ‘em with two appetizing textures: a satisfyingly crunchy biscuit cradling a delicious soft and chewy filling inside.


1.   Bursting with flavor and wholesomeness in every bite

2.   Made with real bacon and beef

3.   No artificial flavors, beef by-product meals or filler

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Milk-Bone® peanut butter dipped baked dog treats in a red and blue bag with an image of a small brown and tan dog on it

Dipped & Chock Full of Chunks® Dog Treats

Indulge your dog’s tastebuds with these yummy treats coated with yogurt* or real peanut butter or crunchy treats exploding with chunks of flavor. 

*Yogurt does not contain live or active cultures.


1.    Wholesome, baked dog biscuits you can feel good about giving your dog.

2.    No artificial flavors.

3.    Mouth-watering tastes your dog can’t resist. 

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puppy looking at a Milk-Bone custom box

Treats Just for Your Dog

Show your dog how special they are with a gift just for them.

1.    Dog gifts for holidays and special occasions make doglife more meaningful and fun.

2.    Each box, tin or jar  is filled with delicious Milk-Bone® treats.

3.    From birthdays to holidays, make every occasion special with Milk-Bone® treats.

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Canine Assistants Milk-Bone partnership logo

Every Milk-Bone® helps train Canine Assistants

Every time you give your dog a Milk-Bone® snack, you’re sharing more than just a tasty dog treat—you’re also sharing a little love. Learn how we’re helping raise, place and care for dogs who touch millions of lives.

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