Dog Breeds that Don't Shed

Dog Breeds that Don't Shed

Find out which dog breeds don’t shed. A must-read if you currently have dog hair on your clothes.

Dog hair may seem like the price of admission for dog cuddles, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. While all dog breeds shed a little bit (it’s only natural!), these dogs do the best job of keeping their hair on. 

Small dogs 

Many small, fluffy dogs can go through life without shedding a lot. Breeds like the Maltese, bichon frise and Yorkies are cute, cuddly and hardly shed. Meanwhile, sleeker breeds, like Chinese crested and Italian greyhound have hair so short, it rarely falls off. 

Big dogs 

Some dogs are deceivingly low shedders. Take the Portuguese water dog, for example. This big, fluffy guy sheds very little and is perfect for cuddling. Call it the luck of the Irish, but the Irish terrier and the Irish water spaniel are both infrequent shedders too. 

Curly dogs 

A good rule of thumb seems to be: the curlier the dog, the less they shed. This makes poodles, doodles and Airedales perfect pets for a shed-free home. 

These breeds will help make your home less hairy, but keep in mind that dog hair is not the cause of dog allergies. If your furry friend is giving you the sniffles, it could be because his dander (aka: discarded skin flakes) is irritating you. If that’s the case, regular grooming appointments for him and an air purifier for you may be just what you need to feel better again. 

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