How to Reduce Dog Stress and Anxiety

How to Reduce Dog Stress and Anxiety

Six tips on how to reduce stress for your dog.

We know dogs have a huge impact on reducing stress in people, but did you know that dogs get stressed too? Here are tips on helping relieve your dog’s stress. 

Always have a plan 

Stick to a schedule as much as possible. Dogs feel much more comfortable when they know what is going to happen and when it’s going to happen. 

Get a dog’s-eye view 

Try to see situations from your dog’s point of view. Seeking to understand why your dog does what he does helps avoid stressful conflicts. 

Dogs are family 

Always treat your dog with the same kindness you show all your friends and loved ones. Creating special bonds with your dogs can start by giving them dogs treats from the kitchen. 

Work out to work it out 

A good way to reduce stress for your dog is to give him lots of exercise. Exercise is a great stress-buster for people, too. 

Chew on problems 

Chewing helps most dogs relax. Give your dog something he can chew, and he’ll be calm and occupied. 

Stress-free shredding 

Give your dog something to shred, such as some kibble hidden inside a wadded-up newspaper. Or designate a place to dig, such as a sandpit with a few of his toys buried in it. Providing your dog with intense, goal-directed activities can act as a great outlet for stress. 

The next time your dog is confronted with a stressful situation, like going to the vet, give one of these tips a try. 

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