The Best Dog Training Treats for Every Need

Training your dog can help strengthen your bond and maximize your fun together — and the right dog training treats can make all the difference. Check out the tips below for help choosing.

How to Choose the Best Dog Treats for Training

For training, dog treats are often the most effective and convenient way to reward and reinforce positive behavior. But because each dog and each training scenario is different, the best dog treats for training will depend on your priorities and your dog’s preferences. Of course, your dog needs to find the reward appealing, but size and texture can also be important for practical reasons.

Read on to get help choosing the best training treats for dogs of all kinds and for any training goal.

The Best Treats for Efficient Training Sessions

Training your dog requires keeping his or her attention, which often requires practicing and rewarding the same actions frequently in a short period of time. But to treat your dog multiple times in quick succession, you need to choose treats that are tiny enough for your dog to eat quickly. This will also help prevent your dog from getting full too quickly.

Consider options like Milk-Bone Puffs® (especially Mini’s) or any Milk-Bone Mini’s biscuit varieties to help keep training sessions moving. You can also break any Milk-Bone biscuits into pea-sized pieces to use as training treats.

The Best Dog Treats for Training Away from Home

Outside of your home, the unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells can often be distracting and make it hard to keep your dog’s attention. That’s why the best dog treats for training in such environments may be those with the strongest scents — because their aroma can help recapture and hold your dog’s interest. Since soft dog treats tend to have a stronger scent than biscuits, consider Milk-Bone® Soft & Chewy or Healthy Favorites® treats when training in a place other than home.

The Best Training Treats for Savoring

Sometimes, rather than training your dog to perform a specific action, you may just be trying to get your dog comfortable with a place or situation, such as his or her crate. In that case, you’ll want to look for dog training treats that will take longer to eat. The time your dog spends savoring a treat in that space will help build a positive association. So for this purpose, look for long-lasting treats like Milk-Bone Wonder Bones® or GnawBones rawhide alternatives.

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