8 Ways to Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

8 Ways to Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

You love your pet. National Love Your Pet Day is an occasion to celebrate that love! Here's how.

You love your furry friend every day, but did you know there is a special day dedicated entirely to your affection? That's right. February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day, an entire 24 hours devoted to showing just how much you love your pet. Here are eight ways to demonstrate your fondness for your furry sidekick on her holiday. 

1. Throw a Pawty 

C'mon, there's really never a bad time for a party, especially one in honor of your canine friend. Don't just invite people; invite their furry best friends, too. And have some yummy treats ready for all of your four-legged guests, like Milk-Bone® MaroSnacks®

2. Have a Spaw Day 

Spa days are a great way to relax and unwind, so why not have one for your furry buddy? Indulge in a mud mask and hair conditioning treatment while you bathe your pooch in sweet-smelling pet shampoos and rich, moisturizing conditioners (after making sure your pet's skin isn't sensitive to the formulas, of course!). If your feline friend likes baths, include him too, or simply comb his fur with a soft, natural-bristle brush. 

3. Give Your Pet a Massage 

It's not just people who enjoy massages. Give your canine or feline sidekick a gentle massage using light rubbing and stroking motions along her body, including her back and shoulders, and see the tension just melt away. Some tummy scratches and head rubs are always appreciated, too. 

4. Indulge in Something Delicious 

A hot fudge sundae is great for humans, so whip one up for yourself and treat your pet to something extra special made for him. Does your cat or dog normally eat dry food? A delectable wet food meal can make her feel just as special as you know she is. (If your pet's stomach is sensitive to new foods, try mixing a small amount of wet food into their regular dry food for a tasty meal that's easier on their system.) 

5. Donate to Pet Charities 

Spread your love to pets who aren't as fortunate as yours by donating your time, supplies or money to a local pet rescue or shelter. Warm blankets, food, treats and toys are always welcome — but check with the organization you want to support first to find out what they need the most. 

6. Dress Up Your Furry Friend 

It's a special occasion, so dress your best friend accordingly — if your pet enjoys wearing clothes. A cute shirt, adorable tutu or funny hat all accentuate your furry one's good looks. Remember to get your pooch or kitty used to the fashionable attire by giving her lots of praise and plenty of treats while she wears it. And don't forget to take a bunch of pictures to share on social media. 

7. Dine Out 

Did you know some restaurants cater to dogs and allow them to dine with you? Why not look for one in your area and stop by with Fido for a nice meal? She'll love the food and the adventure. 

8. Shower Your Furry Buddy with Gifts 

Presents are always welcome. Buy some treats and toys to surprise your furry buddy. She'll not only love the attention, but she can play with the gifts for hours of fun. Bonus points if you buy interactive toys that will keep her busy even when you're not around. 

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